New to My Cherished Haven? 

I am so happy that you stopped by! My name is Amanda Urzica, and I am the wife to an amazing Romanian man and mother to two beautiful boys. My purpose here on this blog is to help you reclaim the joy of motherhood. Sometimes in our society it is easy to overlook how important the role of mother is in the home and in the life of every child. I aim to help you find the right perspective in your motherhood journey as well as equipping you with the tools you need to balance it all. Below is an outline of what you can expect to find in each category and a few featured posts. 

It is such a special privilege to be a mom, but it is not without it's own unique set of challenges. In the Motherhood category, I address these challenges head on, providing tips to help you grow and a fresh new perspective. 

Outside of perspective, motherhood requires a lot of balance and organization. In the Natural Living Category, you will find varied ways to help you balance your time, organize your home, and ways to stretch the dollar. I also love all things natural and herbal and am forever perfecting my medicine cabinet, so you will find my latest herbal creations here as well.

Before I became a mom, I was a teacher. Even though I gave up that profession to stay home with my little ones, I still love teaching and am looking forward to homeschooling my own kids in the near future. So the education section is filled with things I have learned and what I am currently learning as a mom. 

Another area that I am fascinated with and can't read enough books in is the area of parenting. I need so much help in this area so I am constantly trying to read and learn more. I am always open to trying new ideas and methods. The posts in the parenting area will be an accumulation of what I am reading at the time, or a solution that I have found that works to a common problem. Right now, we are in the wake of the toddler and baby years, so most of my posts will be about challenges that arise in that time period. 

As a mom, it can be pretty challenging to live on one income. So in the business area, I do my best to give you as many tips for having a successful online business as possible. I also throw in a lot of random how to post that are super simple in language. I am not computer savvy so when I learn something new, I try to create a post teaching others how to do the same thing in a simple fashion, so they don't have to struggle to learn the way I did. 

 I would love to get to know you personally and help you along your motherhood journey! You can reach out to me and let me know what you would like see on my blog through email: or connect with on Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter.